COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS  ……  Create a Buzz!!

Here’s the Situation!

The Christmas Holiday Season is upon us.  People will be looking for the right place to find the perfect gift or entertainment experience for loved ones and friends.  Businesses are more competitive than ever and your business needs to stand out as the place people want to go.

Here’s Our Idea!

RoofTop Elves can professionally decorate your establishment and make it look beautiful and inviting. This will draw people into your place of business, Highlight what you have to offer, Help you attract and retain customers, and improve the morale of your employees.

How it Works!

RoofTop Elves has trained and insured professionals that will design the layout of your decorations.  This design will be reviewed to ensure the best possible outcome.  Trained employees will install the system and come back after the holiday season and take down the decorations.  If any outages occur to the RoofTop Elves purchased lights during the season, simply call RoofTop Elves and we will send a technician out to correct it.

Your Key Benefits!

Attention Grabbing.  Invites people into a warm comfortable environment.  Distinguishes your business from your competitors in a favorable way.

Here’s How It Works!

RoofTop Elves is taking reservations now!  Get on our schedule right away by calling 919-957-2269!!

We also do Residential Installations

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